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.App Coming to a Browser Near You

June 13th, 2012

Marketers at leading global corporations are well ahead of the curve in their request for a new top-level domain, or the suffix that follows the dot in any URL. Among the top applications is .app, of course.

ICANN, the company that governs naming for the Internet, has announced that it will approve hundreds of requests for the .app name, which should be in effect by next year.

Adding .app to the Internet

What are among the rejected applications? Well, they have not authorized: .walmart, .heinz, .nyc or .paris, nor are we about to see generic categories like .bank, and .home, anytime soon.

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Getting Less Social

In recent weeks, there’s been an interesting backlash to what seems like the most bullish of bulls, technology companies. Fresh out of the I.P.O. gate, Facebook was fumbled by Morgan Stanley and we all read the news-by-the-second reports of company capitalization diminished, consumer investors burned. An investigation is still ongoing. Difficult to fathom, I know for a lot of folks, that one of the big brokerage houses did not apply a best-practices ethical standard on this. Facebook’s rapid, steady increase in users has also trickled, with analysts estimating that the company has reached saturation in North America. If memory serves correctly, there’s only one way to go after that.

This month, LinkedIn had its data hacked and in a recent New York Times article, the company was criticized for not being better prepared, given its rich war chest of investor money. Hashing and salting techniques were not put in place soon enough, making the professional network an easy target for hackers.

Lax Security at LinkedIn Is Laid Bare

Not even Wall Street darling Google has escaped the media frenzy over mishandled business dealings. Google now states that the practice was wrong, but it captured private data from 2007-2010 through its Street View Mapping technology.

Daily Report: Google Employees Know Nothing

At a conference this week, I learned that the fastest growing sector of the internet 10 years ago was porn; today, it’s online dating. Now comes news that Skout, a social networking site that connects strangers, is battling new accusations and media scorn after three men were arrested for raping minors, having used the mobile app created to facilitate dating among adults.

After Rapes Involving Children, Skout, a Flirting App, Bans Minors

Besides the obvious, horrible implications of this as a society, it strikes me that Skout has more than just reputation to repair; its signature logo is essentially a target. I’m not always a proponent of changing the signature logo, but in this case I don’t think the company can do so too quickly. A top 24/7 damage control agency should be retained tomorrow morning to start the inevitable clean up — and better controls will have to be put into place.

Hacked data, insider trading, privacy abuses and rape charges. . . Has the social network frenzy come to an end of the road? Or is this the beginning of a reversal, or even a new development in technology channels? Look for continued fracturing of these markets into ever-increasingly splinters of audience and community. As far as investor dollars and value, the risks seem few for a company like Pinterest, but one can never know.





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